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The Serie A team has officially given up on Malinovsky since they won't be able to afford him in the future.

Ruslan Malinowski, a midfielder for Atalanta, has been publicly denied interest by Bologna sporting director Marco Di Vaio.

Actually, Ruslan Malinovskyi's destiny in Atlanta has been predetermined. The "goddess" Gian Piero Gasperini wants to contract a new talent but does not trust the Ukrainian khava and wants to get rid of him.

What is certain is that Malinovsky won't join the Bologna team. When asked about inviting the midfielder of the Ukrainian national team, Marco Di Vaio, the sports director.

No, we cannot sustain these numbers economically or technically. He made a good impression in Europe, and I think he'll continue to play for clubs that participate in the European Cups.

The official notes that the Bologna strategy involves the acquisition of unproven football players for later selling.

"Today, we can bring in new players and help them grow, and in this market area, people can trust us. To be able to pay Malinowski in the future, the current goal is to raise the bar, Di Vaio remarked in an interview with Radio Nettuno Bologna Uno.

author : Eggy Car